The 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle – There Exists A Lot More Than What You Know Already In This Article..

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a multi-level marketing business package. Customers invest in a package that includes training material for a number of self-improvement topics (including fitness, confidence, business, as well as others) and they can select to market the business as an affiliate. Hi, I really thought I might weigh in. I have been with the One Up Direct Selling Business for some time. I can honestly say that this has been the most effective financial decision I have ever made.

In my very first three months, I made $56,500. Ever since then, We have received a consistent $40,000 to just as much as $100,000 monthly and i also attribute this primarily with an exclusive lead generation system that I have developed for my team. Not everybody who does this business has access to what they really want to truly become successful, but when you do, the program Does work.

These packages include promotional material that can be used to market and hook people to the system. You’re told that you could promote these items and also the system to earn 1000s of dollars within a few weeks, possibly even millions. Of course, we hear that pitch frequently, and it rarely – if – ends up being true. You sign-as much as a webinar, complete your contact information, and after a number of hours someone will call you to market the program. They’ll pressure you into buying and they also won’t have the capacity to answer any basic questions.

From the looks of it, I do believe the main focus of this item is not on providing value, but attracting the maximum amount of cash as you can. Their products and services are rather basic, but many people are joining the device as affiliates because that’s by far the most lucrative option. Let’s take a look at the organization model. It’s quite familiar, we reviewed many similar products like this. The business promises 100% commissions, but there is a catch.

You have to purchase a membership, and if you want to promote other memberships then you must buy those too. As an example, the fundamental membership costs $2,000 and you’ll should also pay a $195 license fee. This can be includes a few informational eBooks, some promotional materials (flyers, forms, etc), and “Done-for-you” scripts. To promote this package as being an affiliate you have to purchase it first.

A lot of people struggle to earn their first sale online. In this system, when you earn your first sale, the commissions are certainly not sent to your account, but alternatively the individual who hired you. Which means you spend $2,000 and work hard to create a sale only to have your commissions brought to somebody else. You are able to only keep the commissions on the second sale. Third, it’s not really that easy to sell these items.

It’s actually very difficult because individuals are quite fed up with this kind of opportunities. There are some products, but nobody will pay 1000s of dollars for many simple eBooks. 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle wants dplche to use their scripts to help make sales via email marketing as well as other online ad-boards. But that creates a difficulty.

What goes on when everybody is utilizing the same advertisements and pitches to usher in sales? It gets old quick. So although the company does offer 100% commissions, it’s much less attractive as you may think. 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Membership Packages

Here’s a listing of the five product packages The 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle offers.

Basic Membership – $2,000 149$

This consists of a series on meditation, marketing modules, flyers, law of attraction, self-esteem tips, along with other informational material.

Builder Package – $3,500 295$

This includes training material for that fitness niche, how to shed weight, build muscle, along with other topics. There’s also some training material on motivation.

Advanced Package – $6,500 $395

This can be more for marketers, it contains a lot of training material regarding how to generate traffic. There are about 25 videos dedicated to driving traffic to a web page.

Pro Package – $12,500 445$

This consists of more marketing training material, such as how you use YouTube for traffic, e-mail marketing, list building, hosting webinars, and much more.

VIP Package – $22,000 449

Includes “Blueprints” for that following topics: webinars, podcasts, video sales, email copy, and social networking.

As you can see, these packages are very expensive, and they don’t really offer much when it comes to value. I am talking about, I can research more information about all these topics online free of charge. I don’t discover why people would pay a lot cash for these particular simple courses.